Travel Tips


A little bit of good advice to our travelers.

Clean water

Avoid any bad surprises by not drinking tap water. Go for bottled water.

Protect your skin

Use a good hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. You can find insect repellent in any pharmacy.

Tip the service

Good service should be rewarded with a nice gratuity. People work hard to offer you an enjoyable service.

City explorers

Carry an ID as proof of identity as well as a copy of your passport. You don’t need to carry your passport or your credit card all the time when exploring the city. Better leave it at Nativa for safe guarding.

Jungle explorers

Long sleeves, long pants, and raincoats are also recommended when exploring the jungle.

Sketchy tour guides

Never buy tours from people at the airport parking lot or on the streets, it might be a scam.

Airport taxi fares

Try not to get cheated for absurd prices when taking a taxi from the airport to your accommodation of choice. Make sure to check out the fares offered at the airport, before getting into one.

Stealing guests

Please don’t let yourself be talked into going to another hotel before arriving to Nativa Apartments. Taxi drivers trying to take you to other hotels get a commission.

Ayahuasca retreat

To enjoy your experience, it’s important to inform yourself before and choose to go to a well respected establishment with a well experienced chaman leading the ceremony.

Trans­porta­tion rates

Make a deal before jumping into a moto-car

S/ 20 - 30

Taxi from or to the airport / city

S/ 10 - 15

Moto-car from or to the airport / city

S/ 2.50 - 3

Moto-car inside Iquitos city

S/ 4 - 5

Moto-car to Punchana or Bellavista Nanay

S/ 4 - 5

Moto-car to San Juan art market

Currency exchange

The exchange rate can vary on a day to day basis.

It is safer to exchange dollars in an authorized agency or a financial institution. Beware of the famous hand game if exchanging dollars on the streets, especially on the weekend.

Count your money very carefully before finalizing your exchange.

Please note that 100 dollar bills with the series number beginning with CB will not be accepted, not even at banks, because they’re believed to be counterfeit.

Torn, dirty, wadded up or written on, heavily marked, stamped US bills are not accepted in most of Peru, even in bank institutions.

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