You can choose places from our websites to make a half day tour or a full day tour. Inclusive we can help you to arrange a amazon jungle lodge tour of 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights to up.

Belen Market

Get there by boat and spend half day. Belen district is also known as the «Amazon Venice» for its waterways and mainly for its intense commercial activity.
Image by SuedeheadFlickr: Belen Market, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Manatee Sanctuary

This is a sanctuary for rescued manatees, where you can cuddle and feed baby manatees. They promote and develop activities for the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of Amazonian aquatic mammals and wildlife.

Snake Sanctuaries

There are 2 different animal centers called “Paraíso del Amazonas” or “Sueños del Momón”. You can take pictures with monkeys, sloths, anacondas, and other animals.

Fundo Pedrito

This alligator and paiche farm is located in Barrio Florido, where you can see the biggest fish of the Amazon and also alligators.

Pilpintuwasi butterfly farm

Pilpintuwasi is a wildlife rescue and temporary custody center located in the village of Padre Cocha, 20 minutes by boat from Iquitos. Take notice that it’s closed on Mondays.

La Torre de Independencia

Watch the union of the 3 rivers: Amazonas, Itaya and Nanay. You can also hike for 45 min and see the gigantic tree “Lupuna”.

Monkey Island

This is meant to be a full day tour, since it’s not around Iquitos. It’ll take you about 1 hour and a half by fast boat to get there.

Rent a floating house

Spend a full day at a beautiful lake on a floating house. You can swim, enjoy the sun and the water. It’s the perfect option to take a break from the liveliness of the city.


Just enjoy the energy and wilderness of this national protected park. It takes 1 hour by car to get there.

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Recommended jungle lodges

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Muyuna Lodge

Jungle tour of 3 days 2 nights / 4 days 3 nights

Muyuna Lodge is located 140 Km (84 miles, 3 hours) from Iquitos, up the Amazon River, in primary rainforest of the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve. This is a small boutique rainforest lodge, secluded and intimate, that guarantees the observation monkeys, birds, sloths, pink dolphins, fish, caimans, etc., including the endangered wattled curassow bird.

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 Muyuna maintains a tight relationship with San Juan de Yanayacu village, which benefits from ecotourism in the zone.

Muyuna was designed and built by people from the community of San Juan keeping strict relation to the architecture. Since the level of the Amazon and its tributaries can vary a few feet, is constructed on stilts. The rooms are fresh and are hermetically protected-mesh screens on the windows and roof. There is a large dining room for socializing and hammocks to enjoy the leisure time. Distribution is done according to what the customer needs (single bungalows, double or matrimonial bungalows, family bungalows, etc.).

In addition, each cottage has a full ensuite and modern bathroom. All rooms have a terrace with hammock overlooking the forest or the river where you can see, for example, dolphins swimming in flood season. You can be pleased by colorful sunsets and by the deafening silence of the rainforest at night.          

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Ecological Jungle Trips

Jungle tour of 3 days 2 nights / 4 days 3 nights /5 days 4 nights.

Our lodge is located to 220 km of Iquitos city, Upriver Amazon, Primary Rainforest,  border of Yarapa River. Near to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve – wildlife and camping

The tour will star from Iquitos by private car to Nauta city, Then we are going to take  the boat to navigate to the lodge. The lodge have capacity for 25 passengers.We will navigate two important rivers the Marañon and Ucayali River and you will appreciate where the  Amazon River beginning.

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Our EcoLodge is small and based, But we have privet roons single, Dual and triple rooms and it has been building with natural materials of the jungle.

We have a spacious dining room, hammocks area and reception. The place is basic nice Ecolodge, At nights we have light from 18:00 hrs to 22:00 Hrs. 

Our jungle tours activities is acording to your interesting, What do you wan to do? and the jungle tours programme are very flexible. Where you have a lot of oportunity to see wildlife.


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Cumaceba Lodge

Jungle tour of 2 days 1 night

The Cumaceba Lodge is located 34 Km, 21miles, away from Iquitos at the shore of the majestic Amazon River. The speedboat takes approximately 1 hour down river. The lodge was built without disturbing the jungle, designed with palm thatch roofs and wooden structures, similar to the houses of the early Amazonian settlers.

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There is a reception house, hammocks for relaxing, dining room and private bungalows, all of which are protected by mosquito nets. Each cabin has its own toilet and shower.

At night, kerosene lamps are used to lighten the lodge, There is also a bar where you can try the local drinks, some of which are said to have aphrodisiac effects. We also have soda, beer, wine, whisky, rum, vodka etc.


  • Night trips by canoes
  • Ecological walks in primary forest
  • Visit the “yagua” Indian Village and other local villages
  • Birdwatching at the Shansho lake, which is considered to be of great importance due to its number of species of birds
  • Grey and pink dolphin watching
  • See animals such as the famous anaconda, boa constrictor, monkeys, sloths, turtles, alligators
  • Lily pads “Victoria Regia” the largest aquatic plant in the world
  • Piranha fishing
  • Visit to a hamlet on the Amazon that produces the famous sugar beat rum and its medicinal derivatives

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